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Hartland (1-1)
John Glenn W 17-16
Brighton L 21-49
Canton -
Grand Blanc -
Salem -
Novi -
Stevenson -
Howell -

Hartland (3-6)
Novi L 28-49
Salem L 25-38
Canton L 21-35
Howell L 13-21
Milford W 48-28
Pinckney L 0-19
Brighton L 3-17
Grand Blanc W 31-28
WL Central W 27-15

Hartland (6-3)
Grosse Point North W 34-12
Canton L 21-27
Howell L 27-45
Milford W 39-7
Pinckney W 52-14
Brighton W 14-7
Grand Blanc W 30-27
WL Western L 3-28
Salem W 31-20

Hartland (7-3)
Grosse Point North W 26-7
Canton W 24-21
Howell L 21-28
Milford W 50-14
Pinckney W 34-14
Brighton W 24-7
Grand Blanc W 29-26
WL Western L 14-31
Salem W 15-6
Grand Ledge
L 0-14

Hartland (3-6)
AA Skyline L 10-28
John Glenn W 37-28
Howell L 12-14
Milford W 23-22
Pinckney L 12-24
Brighton L 33-49
Grand Blanc L 7-17
WL Central L 17-24
WL Central W 27-10

Hartland (8-2)
AA Skyline W 42-19
John Glenn W 47-13
Howell W 24-12
Milford W 16-7
Pinckney W 19-7
Brighton W 35-14
Grand Blanc W 34-22
WL Northern L 52-55
Thurston W 37-13
Playoffs: CC L 15-21

Hartland (4-5)
AA Skyline L 25-28
Franklin W 15-6
Howell L 13-20
Milford L 14-24
Pinckney W 25-17
Brighton L 9-20
Grand Blanc L 6-28
Kettering W 34-14
Ypsi Lincoln W 14-13

Hartland (6-4)
AA Skyline W 64-26
Franklin L 0-27
Howell W 26-21
Milford L 31-35
Pinckney W 21-13
Brighton W 35-28
Grand Blanc L 17-35
WL Northern W 30-6
Ypsi Lincoln W 37-13
Playoffs: Holt L 16-41

Hartland (4-5)
Churchill W 31-7
South Lyon East W 55-6
Grand Blanc L 14-45
Brighton L 13-47
Milford W 42-41
Howell L 13-48
Pinckney W 29-28
WL Western L 33-40
Franklin L 8-19

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2008 GAME SUMMARY: Varsity vs. Rockford

Hartland falls to Rockford in Regional Final, 8-24

Division 1, Region 1 Final: Rockford 24, Hartland 8

Click here to view the Rockford game video highlights!

Watch QB Chris Cagle scramble for a 1st down in video 014.

Hi-def videos now available! I experimented with a hi-def video camera for Saturday's game and wow...I gotta tell you these clips are looking great. Watch them now!

It didn't look like it would be much fun when we left Hartland in the rain. But, in Rockford it was dry and mostly cloudy albeit chilly and windy. I was impressed and proud with the number of Hartland fans that made the trip what a great day tailgating with friends and family on a Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere felt like ESPN's College Game Day! Very cool!

Here's the possession-by-possession recap.

Hartland went on offense first starting at the 20 and gained two first downs on a Matt Kenwell (junior RB) run and Jon Stevens (senior WR/DE) pass reception up the middle. Hartland was then looking a 4th and 4 after getting past mid-field but had to punt the ball away.

Rockford took the field at their own 35 and after a couple run plays, there was an injury timeout after Hartland's Ed Livingston (junior DB) came up hard on the Rockford running back who was injured on the play and didn't return. A couple of plays later, another Rockford running back broke lose in our secondary and scored on a long run. With 7:48 left in 1st quarter.

Rockford's ensuing kick-off (aided by the gusty wind) again went out of the end zone and Hartland started again at the 20. Rockford's defense did a great job covering our receivers forcing Chris Cagle (senior QB) to run twice on pass plays. Hartland was unable to gain a 1st down and punted on 4th and 2.

Rockford's return man mishandled the catch and Stevens pounced on the lose ball for a Hartland fumble recovery at Rockford's own 40 yard line. However, Hartland was unable to capitalize on the turnover and turned the ball back over to Rockford on downs after Hartland came up short on a 4th and 1 run.

Rockford started their second series from their own 31. After gaining one first down, Rockford turned the ball over again when they tried a trick play that was mishandled by their running back. Hartland's Mike Carney (senior DE) recovered the fumble on Rockford's 43 yard line.

Cagle threw a strike to Carson Pippin (senior WR/DB) for an 8 yard gain, then Kenwell produced a 1st down on the play. Hartland made it down to Rockford's 29 when we were staring at a 4th and 6 situation. Cagle's attempted pass to Pippin on the left side fell incomplete and Hartland again turned the ball over on downs after being handed two "gifts" from Rockford by way of turnovers in Rockford territory.

Rockford took over and marched all the way down to our 4 yard line. Our defense stepped up inside the 10 and held them to a 20-yard field goal instead of a touchdown. Rockford led 10-0 with 6:15 left in 2nd quarter.

Matt Poches (sophomore WR) ran the ensuing kickoff out to the 25, but Hartland could not produce a 1st down and punted to Rockford.

Rockford went back to work from their own 30 with 4:51 left in the 1st half. Rockford's QB tried to go down field on the left side when senior DB, Jared Felix made an outstanding interception to give Hartland the ball back before half-time.

Cagle went to work and found Vonn Jones (senior WR/DB) down the middle for a long pass reception to Rockford's 45. Later that drive on 3rd and 12, Cagle was looking to go down field again but Rockford's secondary had our receivers covered so he took-off on foot down the left side line for the 1st down. After a few plays later we were looking at 4th and 4 from just inside the 30 yard line when Cagle's attempted pass to Poches on a fade left fell incomplete with :52 left in the 2nd quarter.

Rockford took over and tried to score again before the half. They were able to gain a couple 1st downs, but they ran out of time on our 44 yard line. At the half, Rockford led 10-0.

Hartland kicked-off to Rockford to start the 2nd half. Thanks to great defensive plays by Jones and Nick Schlagheck (senior LB), Rockford punted after gaining only one 1st down. Poches returned the punt out to our own 21 where Hartland started their first drive of the second half.

Matt Kenwell had a huge run down the left sideline that was capped-off with a personal foul on Rockford. That added 15 yards from the point of infraction making it 1st and 10 Hartland from Rockford's 41. Our luck soon ran out when Kenwell had the ball punched-out from behind on a great fake reverse run. Hartland was unable to jump on the loose ball and Rockford recovered at their own 25.

Using a lethal combination of traps, counters, and trick plays, Rockford drove the entire 75 yards to score with 2:44 left in the 3rd quarter.

We started on our 20 after Rockford booted it out of the end-zone again. We could not materialize a 1st down on that drive and punted away. A bad punt combined with a gusting wind gave Rockford great field position on our own 38.

Rockford's next possession lasted the end of the 3rd quarter and into the 4th. After a couple of 1st downs, they punched it in. The extra point was good and Rockford took a commanding lead, 24-0 with 9:15 left in the game.

Poches ran the ensuing kick-off out to our own 43 yard line. Rockford continued to play exceptional defense forcing Cagle to make decisions to throw or tuck it and run. We also hurt ourselves with penalties on that drive. After two incomplete passes, two penalties, and a sack, Hartland punted on 4th and 30.

Rockford took over on our own 37 with 8:24 left in the game, but Hartland held them to 3 and out. They punted and downed the ball on our 14.

Unfortunately, Hartland also could not get anything going and punted the ball back to Rockford. They began to sprinkle in their backups and were able to get the ball out to mid-field before their QB fumbled a hand-off to their RB. Senior DE, Jake Warner recovered the fumble and Hartland took over at the Rockford 42.

Hartland put together a nice drive on what would be their last possession of the game. After a Kenwell run, Cagle threw to Poches who flipped it to Pippin for the 1st down on the 25 yard line. Kenwell again on a run, then Cagle on a keeper got us down inside the 15 for another 1st down. Two more QB keepers and an incomplete pass left us with 4th and 1 on the 5 yard line. Kenwell's number was called again and he punched it in off the right tackle. Hartland went for two and successfully converted when Kyle Summerfield (senior RB/LB) took the pitch-right from Cagle and then threw to a wide open Vonn Jones for the score. With 1:12 left in the game, Rockford led 24-8.

Hartland's onside kick was recovered by Rockford. Four, clock-managing plays later, the game was over and so was Hartland's dream season.