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Hartland (7-3)
Grosse Point North W 26-7
Canton W 24-21
Howell L 21-28
Milford W 50-14
Pinckney W 34-14
Brighton W 24-7
Grand Blanc W 29-26
WL Western L 14-31
Salem W 15-6
Grand Ledge
L 0-14

Hartland (3-6)
AA Skyline L 10-28
John Glenn W 37-28
Howell L 12-14
Milford W 23-22
Pinckney L 12-24
Brighton L 33-49
Grand Blanc L 7-17
WL Central L 17-24
WL Central W 27-10

Hartland (8-2)
AA Skyline W 42-19
John Glenn W 47-13
Howell W 24-12
Milford W 16-7
Pinckney W 19-7
Brighton W 35-14
Grand Blanc W 34-22
WL Northern L 52-55
Thurston W 37-13
Playoffs: CC L 15-21

Hartland (4-5)
AA Skyline L 25-28
Franklin W 15-6
Howell L 13-20
Milford L 14-24
Pinckney W 25-17
Brighton L 9-20
Grand Blanc L 6-28
Kettering W 34-14
Ypsi Lincoln W 14-13

Hartland (6-4)
AA Skyline W 64-26
Franklin L 0-27
Howell W 26-21
Milford L 31-35
Pinckney W 21-13
Brighton W 35-28
Grand Blanc L 17-35
WL Northern W 30-6
Ypsi Lincoln W 37-13
Playoffs: Holt L 16-41

Hartland (4-5)
Churchill W 31-7
South Lyon East W 55-6
Grand Blanc L 14-45
Brighton L 13-47
Milford W 42-41
Howell L 13-48
Pinckney W 29-28
WL Western L 33-40
Franklin L 8-19

Youth Football

HAYAA Football PictureWe start a little early in Hartland... like, seven-years-old early! Our youth football program administered through the Hartland Area Youth Athletic Association (HAYAA) as been instrumental as a feeder program for the high school.

The youth program has four levels: Instructional, Freshmen, JV, and Varsity. Freshmen, JV, and Varsity levels field four teams (Blue, Gold, Black, and White). Including the Instructional team that's a total of 13 teams all preparing for their high school careers.

HAYAA football teams compete in the Livingston County Area Junior Football League (

Please come out to the "Little Big House" (the old high school stadium) one Saturday in the fall to support the future players of the high school football program.

Visit their Web site at Go Eagles!